Product Design - 2017 - Investors proposal

Olinkpix is an app that allows young players and soccer teams from different associations to connect with each other, learn about their performance and look for new opportunities


Soccer in Europe is divided into different associations. Each association has its own database, which makes it very difficult to share and contrast the performance of players and teams. In addition, professional social networks such as Linkedin are not ready to showcase athletic performance.

User research

I asked players, coaches and scouters from my hometown team about their methods for finding performance statistics and connecting with other professionals and players.

Fernando Bustos, 16, Soccer Player

I only know a few players from other teams. Some are former partners and some are friends of friends. We keep in touch through Facebook. I'd love to have an app where I can know their performance and statistics and also to meet more people who play this sport.

Álvaro Medrano, 58, Scouter

Finding base soccer players is a disaster. I try to do Excel spreadsheets to stay organized. I would use an app to help me filter players by their characteristics and let me search the different regional associations databases. I would also like to be able to save these searches and track their evolution every week, month or season.

Core values

Using core values in the design of an app helps to drive it towards a specific goal. These are Olinkpix' s:


It should be able to be used for different sports and countries


It has to focus on sports performance and professional networking


It has to be easy and fun to use. Avoid being a sports Linkedin.


The app's scalability was the basis for starting to design this product. The use of a single color (for the presentation I opted for red) allows the possibility of changing it for different countries or sports.


Cards are the core of the app. We can introduce with them different elements depending on the specific sport like player's skills, basic information about a team or an opportunity to be part of a team.

Scouting tab

The Scouting tab (bottom menu ball) allows the user to view both team and player cards. Both share structure but are very different from each other in the data shown. It also allows the option to search within a team or to mark players and teams as favorites to follow their progress.

Searching players

Searches are a premium option for scouters that allow them to search for all kinds of players using all the different characteristics that are listed on the database.

Search results can be saved in bundles, allowing you to see the evolution of the players that appear in each search and track them throughout the season.

Paco Albatia, 42, Scouter

We need an open platform where we can follow the players with guarantees. While associations update their data, they do so on their own system and may take some time to update it.

Going Social

There are multiple social networks to socialize with other people. However, I couldn't have left the platform without a messaging system so that both teams and players could have at least a first contact through the platform.