Product Design - 2017 - Client work

Brickstarter is a real estate crowdfunding platform where users can invest small amounts in a curated selection of high profitability tourist apartments.


The huge growth of tourism in recent years is opening up new investment possibilities on holiday apartments. However, investing in real estate can be very expensive and the existing platforms are often opaque and unintuitive.

Core values

After some meetings with the Brickstarter team and a detailed study of the market, we concluded that Brickstarter should be based by the following principles:


Investing in an apartment or seeing the benefits had to be a few clicks away.


Numbers or charts that were unattractive to the user needed to be set aside.


All movements of money should be controlled and tracked from Brickstarter.


Investments are all figures, variables, profits, etc. The goal from the beginning was to make them easy and understandable for the user, eliminating the difficulties in investing and providing easier access to the information.

Easy investing

We needed to show users the advantages of investing without going into much detail. Showing them only what they had to do in order to earn profits and showing also only a small part of the work that exists behind in Brickstarter as it is boring and full of complicated, high-digit money transactions.


For the user dashboard we immediately thought about video games. In how the sense of progress encourages people to be more involved.

From the very first moment there is the possibility of achieving goals. The first achievement is verifying your account and adding funds in order to invest in an apartment. Once this step is completed, our goal was to gamify that investment so that the user can see how their money moves daily.

For this purpose we used small illustrations, simple progress bars and few sections where the user didn't get lost in unnecessary figures.


We decided to use green because is very friendly and always associated with the benefits. If our bank account is healthy, it will always be shown in green, just like if we make money on an investment.

Purple is a good complementary color to green that stands out especially, so I reserved it for the invert buttons which are placed in strategic places.

Mobile version

The Brickstarter app is under development, so we put special emphasis on developing the desktop version. However, the possibility of users coming through the mobile phone is very high, so we worked to make the mobile version as intuitive and easy to use as the desktop version.

On the move

Brickstarter is always on the move: users invest in apartments that constantly change their status and the in-house team work hard finding new opportunities. This state of movement can be seen in all sections of the web, with progress bars of investments or the constant reference to the search for new ways of obtaining benefits.