Product Design - 2017 - Client work

Azulev is one of the most important ceramic companies in Spain with thousands of customers all over the world. In 2017, they decided to modernize its own branding and web design.


Ceramics are a highly competitive sector in eastern Spain. Their customers are usually professionals or distributors. For this reason an avant-garde design was necessary in order to attract new individual and professional clients.

Core values

Azulev is a company with almost 50 years of history so it has deep-rooted values. We needed new ones to guide this new project in 2017:


It should represent the arrival of new and modern designers to the company.


Taking a different path from that which has always been followed in the sector.

Content based

Compatible with the company's growing product database and all its changes.


Spanish ceramics sector has always looked towards grey and brown colors for representing floors and walls. My first intention with this design was to make something way more colorful trying to get closer to fashion and décor brands.

Different brands

Having three brands with three very different products, I chose to make an exclusive menu for the catalogue. Thus, each brand could stand out on its own.

The use of diamonds was the design's core as they represent a ceramic piece.


Azulev's database includes thousands of related products. Therefore, it was necessary to make an open design system compatible with all of them.


For the homepage I did something different and more powerful. Based on the different adjectives that the company itself told us about its products (quality, excellence, durability, etc.) I made several interactive concepts in which users could discover the company's products and brands.

The most special is the Quality slide, where the user can check the most recent collections and see different colors and compositions while discovering some of the basic pieces.


Rather than reading texts, I was interested in which users could interact and get involved with the company. It seemed interesting that if someone wanted to know more about the company, they could navigate between data and history through different interactions.

Mobile version

In all the tests we did, most of the visitors came from computers instead of mobile phones. This is because the visitors are, above all, professionals and distributors. However, I took great care of the mobile version, making it simple and easy to use and highlighting, above all, the catalogue of products to promote SEO and quick consultations.


Although most ceramics tend to be dark colors, Azulev's website breathes lot of bright ones. This new design design and all the previous research ended in 25% more visits in the first 2 months than in the previous year and the product pages were much more consulted than in previous versions of the site.