I'm Tomás Martínez, a Product Designer who has worked with startups, agencies and companies of all sizes. I bring knowledge and continuous learning in product design thinking, prototyping, user research, validation and visual design.

About me

I was born in Spain 29 years ago and I am passionate about technology and design. Since I started the adventure of being a product designer, I am always learning and improving my skills.

I started my career as an internship designer for Artvisual, one of the most important agencies in Spain, and currently I am the Head of Design at Infinety, where I work with marketing agencies, startups and small and large companies.

I like to work side-by-side with developers, marketing experts and other designers to make innovating, profitable and beautiful products. My experience is focused on design thinking, user research, validation and visual design.

I am currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.